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Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Many vehicle owners still request a "LOF," more commonly known as a lube, oil, and filter, approximately every 3,000 miles.

Every day vehicles we drive are becoming more and more advanced. Suspension and steering components are often internally lubricated. Oil and filter changes continue to be necessary, but need to be done in conjunction with other services or at least with a through overall inspection of the vehicle. This is why "LOFs" are a thing of the past.

We provide a "Routine Preventative Maintenance" or a "RPM" service to your vehicle when required. In addition to changing the motor oil, with the proper viscosity grade, and installing a new oil filter, we perform a visual inspection of the underside of your vehicle. This is where we would spot fluid leaks (oil, steering, coolant, transmission, or other drive train fluids), and note exhaust problems.

Our RPM continues with a check of all brake linings, brake hydraulics, drums and/or rotors. We take a look at suspension and steering for worn parts that could effect ride comfort or cause abnormal tire wear. We also check your tire pressure and rotate your tires.

When we bring your vehicle back to the ground we perform a good under hood inspection including such items as fluid levels, belts, battery and air filter(s). We check for burnt out bulbs and replace them as necessary.

We let you know about the items that need attention or require service. We'll add a windshield cling sticker to remind you when to return for another "RPM."